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Prisilla Siregar

$549 of AUD $500 target.

Raised by 0 people in days for OIC Cambodia (Education) (Global Development Group – J703N)

Prisilla's Birthday


Dear Friends and Family,

       My 30 somethingish birthday is coming up and I'm putting the icing on the cake by fundraising for a cause that's close to my heart. I was introduced to speech therapy when my son began intervention back in New York. It was very frustrating watching my child struggle to communicate with everyone around him because he had a speech delay. He knew what he wanted to say but he just couldn't figure out how to verbally express his thoughts and ideas. We were very lucky that our state was able to provide him with speech therapy intervention at no cost to us. 

       Unfortunately no such service like this exists in Cambodia and many Cambodian children and adults who suffer from cognitive, auditory and motor issues that affect their speech must suffer because they have no alternative. Their futures are uncertain because of their inability to properly communicate verbally with their families, classmates, teachers and employers (if they are able to find employment). Fortunately, the need for speech therapy is beginning to be realized and OIC is leading the way. Please help me raise funds on my birthday to support this great organization. Just $10 USD (14.28 AUD) will help 1 Cambodian child receive speech therapy sessions. The best birthday gift is giving these kids a better and brighter future :)

       Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to OIC Cambodia. 
Check them out and see all the great work that they are doing:

Thanks so much for supporting this great cause!

Much love always,


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OIC Cambodia (Education) (Global Development Group – J703N)

OIC Cambodia (Education) is a Global Development Group approved aid and development project (J703N)  which aims to address the gap in health services in Cambodia for more than 600,000 people with a communication or swallowing disability.

Communicating with others is at the heart of being human and helping people communicate is at the heart of what we do. We are working towards a Cambodia where each of these people receives the speech therapy services they need to communicate with those around them, and lead full and happy lives.

We have two significant goals to addressing the speech therapy needs in Cambodia:

  • To train teachers in speech therapy-based inclusive education to better include children with communication disabilities into schools. This project will benefit 180 teachers and 5,400 children with communication disabilities across six provinces in Cambodia.
  • To graduate the first generation of Cambodian speech therapists from a Cambodian university.

OIC Cambodia is proud to be a partner for Project J703N OIC Cambodia (Education) with Global Development Group (ABN: 57 102 400 993), an Australian DFAT approved Non-Government Organisation.
Gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved development project are tax deductible, receipts issued by Go Fundraise on behalf of GDG. Excess funds may be directed to another approved activity. Please note, no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are a part of, or funded by, GDG projects. For more information please visit  

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Created by

Prisilla Siregar

for OIC Cambodia (Education) (Global Development Group – J703N)

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